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Ramanlal Vithaldas & Co, or as our patrons lovingly call us as Raman Vithal or RV, has been in business of Dryfruits, for nearly 6 Decades. It was started by Shri Vithaldas Bhagwandas Sanghvi started a small 150 sq. ft. store in 1947. The main product was dried fruits. (At that time mainly sourced from Afghanistan, Iran and India) But he was not interested in selling dried fruits in the same manner as was being sold in all the other stores then, like ordinary commodities, unsorted and uncleaned.

He saw value in the then commoditized dried fruit trade. He appointed a few people to clean and sort the dried fruits wholesale pack. Then he himself checked each and every sorted dried fruit and graded it and priced it. He refused to sell 2nd grade products. Once the dried fruit was sorted only the premium quality which satisfied him was sold in the store. The rest was sold back in the wholesale market.
As a result of this grading, the final product sold at RV's shop was priced at a premium, compared to similar products available. But inspite of high prices, RV's product were acknowledged for their far superior quality. We backed up this quality with a very customer friendly service approach. For Mr. Vithaldas Bhagwandas Sanghvi customers are GOD . For 60 years, a long time in any business, and now with the third generation of family in this business. we have still maintained the same tradition of Hospitality and Bonding with our customers, over the years.
The key ingredient in all our products is too keep our Quality standards World Class. In fact our customers often tell us that most of the time, it is our products that set the standards in the market, for others to follow. Always innovating, introducing newer products for our customers, we have always believed that "Customer is the King", and "A Satisfied Customer" is the pillar for any company. For us at RV, we believe in building relationships, and not just doing business.

Today due to his persisting efforts Ramanlal Vithaldas (RV) has grown into a chain of 11 owned stores and 6 affiliate stores (store in store) in Mumbai. In February 2004 the first franchisee store in Kolkata has been opened. The name Ramanlal Vithaldas (RV brand) is synonymous with good quality and sincere service.

And in our step at serving our Customers better and at their comfort, we have adapted and introduced technology, to bring to our customers the joy of being RV customers, viewing and ordering from our website, at the click of a mouse. Adding further delights to your festivals.
And keeping this in mind we shall be launching further initiatives through our website, hence do visit us again to know more about the latest at RV.
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